Chrome extension to remove all styling from a website

Ever wanted to check how these awesome gorgeous websites look without all the styling? Trying to read an article but the website's too distracting? Or maybe you are the no-javascript guy ready to take it to the next level? Download the Unstyler and click the icon to remove the styles from the page. And if you don't like it, undo by clicking again.

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But why tho?
@jeroendeprest I was bored, been wanting to make a chrome extension for a long time, wanted to ship something in a short period of time and it's interesting to see websites without styling, plus some websites have a really complex design that doesn't let you read confortably
@m1guelpf I also do that πŸ˜‚ . In that case you did great props to you. I can only applaud people who want to be productive and try to keep learning. πŸ‘Œ
@m1guelpf haha, I respect that
Hi! I'm a 16-year-old who likes making stuff. I was bored yesterday and decided to make this simple extension as a fun little project. πŸ”₯This extension was built in under 1 hour! You can support my crazy projects on Patreon
Fun fact from good ol' times, when we actually cared how the page would like like without CSS πŸ‘΄ – this was build in feature of Chrome, and Firefox still has it... http://take.ms/LmOkB