Comments on “Unsplash 5.0
Mikael Cho@mikaelcho · Founder of Crew | Creator of Unsplash
Hey everyone! Unsplash 5.0 is our first major update since we spun Unsplash out into its own company ( a few weeks ago. Unsplash 5.0 includes 5 major things: Following - follow your favorite people on Unsplash Notifications - get insights into activities like: who's following you, download milestones, etc. Unsplash Stori… See more
Leonel More@leonelmore · Build your product with us:
@mikaelcho it's great to see Unsplash growing from a simple Tumblr page to a social network. Congrats to all the team, great new features!
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@leonelmore @mikaelcho what's wrong with Tumblr? Other that it's owned by tumbling Yahoo.
Guido Schmitz@guidsen · Developer @ Flex-Appeal
@mikaelcho Great so see Unsplash growing like this. Good work Mikeal and team!
Mikael Cho@mikaelcho · Founder of Crew | Creator of Unsplash
@leonelmore Thanks so much Leonel :) Appreciate all the support
Mikael Cho@mikaelcho · Founder of Crew | Creator of Unsplash
@guidsen Thanks a lot Guido!
Faye G@userroadmap · Founder: User Roadmap to Free Photos
@mikaelcho It's great to see Canadian company leading the way! Speed improvement is impressive. The amount of features to connect and grow the community are needed. What is the photo count number at now? Information that also may help your users is more education about commercial use of a free photo. Using free photos for commercial uses can be tricky. C… See more
Diego Dotta@diegodottac · Unleash your confidence (YOUPER.CO)
@mikaelcho Wow.. how great Mikael! I'll definitely put this in my top 5 image bank service.
William Entriken@fulldecent · Philadelphia
@mikaelcho I didn't notice there were releases. The content is so good I usually just jump right in.