Comments on “Unsplash 4.0
Mikael Cho@mikaelcho · Founder of Crew | Creator of Unsplash
Hey everyone! I'm Mikael, one of the founders of Unsplash. Today is one of the biggest days in our history. Unsplash 4.0 is our most significant release ever. We focused on bringing more exposure to Unsplash contributors and helping you easily find the right photos to inspire your work. Today, over 600 million photos a month are viewed on Unsplash and fe… See more
Max Stoiber@mxstbr · Freelance Frontend Developer
@mikaelcho Congratulations Mikael, exciting to see where Unsplash is headed!
Ross Blankenship@rossblankenship ·, CEO and Partner
@mikaelcho, @unsplash what an awesome update! The widespread adoption, and evolution of the Unsplash product, proves that putting the community first and building an ecosystem should still be top priority for any startup. Look forward to seeing what the future will bring for the Crew.
Milan Vuckovic@miksabre · Senior Designer at Folkmatic
@mikaelcho I love this! Been using Unsplash since the very beginning and it's so cool seeing the product evolve in the right direction!
Andie Katschthaler@thegrumpygirl · Founder, Grumpy Girl Communications
@mikaelcho Love this update! Collections will allow me keep images I might be able to use later in one place instead of saving them like a maniac to my hard drive :)
Philip Amour@philipamour · Freelance Product Designer
@mikaelcho Congrats to you and everyone at Crew! Happy to be part of the platform. 4.0 feels pretty solid. I use Unsplash on a daily basis to discover great photographers, find high quality photos to use as Mac wallpapers or just drop them in my mockups.
Anthony R.@anthooo · Data Scientist
@mikaelcho @khoi @photomatt @guykawasaki @davemorin @brit @mgsiegler @dhh @chrismessina @dannpetty @andrewchen @om Awesome initiative ! Unsplash is my go-to website when I'm looking for a pic.
ssieg@ssieg · IT Integration Coordinator, U-M
@mikaelcho huge fan! congrats on the 4.0 release!
Chris Calmeyn@calc · Co-founder of Scout
@mikaelcho, @lukechesser, Well done. As someone who uses Unsplash often I love how you're consistently pushing substantive improvements. The addition of "likes" will be great for my workflow, while I'm curious to see how collections evolve. On the search front, when I'm hunting for photos I tend to think in terms of phrases (i.e. "talking with friends") … See more
Ivo Dimchev@himynameisivo · Founder @Stereofox / Digital @blacklane
@mikaelcho great product, been fan of Unsplash for years now! I was wondering why you just implemented Facebook social login, allowed e-mail but skipped Twitter/ G+? Based on my experience TW/G+ generate more logins than setting up an account "from scratch" so to say.
Chris Messina@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@mikaelcho congrats! What an epic release! This is how to launch a new version of @ProductHunt!
Luke Chesser@lukechesser · Co-founder Crew & Unsplash
@calc @mikaelcho thanks Chris :) That's a great question. I don't think you're an outlier — that's the most natural way to search for something — that's how I use Google Image search. The majority of Unsplash searches are for single keywords, but since phrases don't return a lot of results, users are probably conditioned to search for single keywords. Ther… See more
Lizzy | ILUZIE@iluzienl · Lizzy, founder of ILUZIE (graphic & web)
@mikaelcho Congrats on this new release. I've been following Unsplash from the beginning and am loving how it's evolving. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you and your team show every day!
Darren Davis@darrenwdavis · Chief Coffee Drinker at LinkCaffeine
@mikaelcho Congrats!!! Such a big fan of Unsplash – it's the best resource online for free, hi-quality photos :)
Neil Sandhu@neilsandhu · Founder and CEO, Hire.Bid
@mikaelcho thanks for this. Unsplash is an invaluable resource for startups. Prior to finding Unsplash in 2014, I had literally spent countless hours looking online for non-cheesy stock photos, which was an impossible task.