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  • Stephen Stokols
    Stephen Stokolsi'm not into mucu

    Low cost, good quality, cheap handsets


    relies on sprint network

    If not a heavy data user, no better deal in the world than this.

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Stephen Stokols
Stephen Stokols@stephen_stokols · i'm not into mucu
If not a heavy data user, no better deal in the world than this.
Samantha Lewe
Samantha LeweMaker@samanthalewe · Now at UNREAL Mobile
Hey Everyone on PH! Thanks for stopping by. This is Samantha from UNREAL Mobile and as you know, today was our official launch day - let’s go! A few things, we’re here to deliver the lowest priced unlimited plans to market with the most innovative and interesting features like encryption and privacy controls. All starting at $10/mo. The vast number of Americans actually use under 2GB of data each month and yet, are forced into massively expensive unlimited plans. Most of the day is even spent on WiFi! With UNREAL Mobile, go ahead and choose how much high-speed LTE data you need. After that amount is used, upgrade, add more high-speed data, or cruise at a reduced speed for the rest of the month. Simple and easy. Buy a new smartphone or bring your own phone is available today at launch. Check us out - unrealmobile.com -S
Uriah Hoopelling
Uriah Hoopelling@uriah_hoopelling · Emperor of the underworld
Stripped down, simple and straightforward stuff. 3 phones 3 plans all super cheap. I'll have to report back on coverage though but excited to test this out!