Broadcast LIVE audio calls from your phone

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This is awesome. I just started listening into a call with @borthwick, @matthartman, and @justinspraggins after they shared a link on Twitter. This is an interesting take on the livestreaming, "teleportation" space that Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab are playing in. The obvious, big difference is that Unmute is all about audio, which lowers the barrier to create and join a conversation... video can be nerve-wracking. I'll start a broadcast later this afternoon. UPDATE: Here's a replay of my first unmute call with @bentossell, @corleyh, @justinspraggins, @jkemink, and @michaelschultz.
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@rrhoover glad you're liking the concept thus far... means a lot coming from you. I around all day if you wanna do a call on Unmute.
@justinspraggins @rrhoover This is pretty awesome. I'm definitely interested to see what can come out of this, particularly with the podcasting and call-in world.
@rrhoover We just released a new update (v1.0.1) that allows you to send Voicemails. You were my first voicemail I sent :)
I'm really excited to see how this plays out in the livestreaming / podcasting world. So much more light-weight in terms of needing strong wifi/cellular service, data bandwidth, and looking camera appropriate that makes this a more spur of the moment type of communications app than streaming heavy video. Coming from the media/investment side it's an awesome fan engagement platform where the artist/influencer/thought-leader can speak to the masses and retain total control of the conversation. Coming from the sports fan in me, I'm already setting up a fantasy football trash-talking UnMute ala Around the Horn on ESPN. Great work @justinspraggins. Looking forward.
@afaragio14 Thnx man. We are excited to see how this grows. This is day 1.
This is really quite cool! This is one of those moments where I'm thinking I don't know practically why I need this but I just know I do.
@bentossell lol. That is what just happened to me when Ryan asked why I like Unmute and am focusing on building this company. "It's fun" is all I had on the spot but if it's fun then it will all workout. Thnx for the support.
I was on that call 2 and I dl'd the app while on the call. This is cool!
@solfrombrooklyn Glad you like! Feedback welcome :)
I just listened to Justin's call with the BetaWorks folk a few minutes ago. Sound quality is amazing and I love the "18 minute" limit. This is a really cool idea and congratulations to you @justinspraggins !
@geeky_yang thnx! Really appreciate the support.