An all-in-one unit converter in 6 languages

UnitConversion.io is an all-in-one unit conversion website. The goal is to be a go-to website for anyone needing to convert any unit. It is available in 6 languages!

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This is a very useful product. Only if you could simplify the design. The design is a bit cluttered and confusing. If it could be reduced just to 2 or 3 dropdowns and a couple of conversion boxes, it would be a aesthetically pleasing website. Moreover, I usually google search when I have to convert a unit. If this could be converted into a Chrome extension, it could turn to be a valuable product where you just click on the extension, a small box pops up, you select the units for conversion and bam!! Apologies for too much of advice in one comment. 🙄 How are you thinking of monetizing it? Are you treating it as a side project made just for fun sake?
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@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks for the feedback. Design is a huge weakness of mine unfortunately. I love the minimalist idea, and will consider a redesign when I have some time depending on the popularity of the project. Good idea about the extension. I will certainly explore that possibility. For monetization, there are no plans yet. If it ever became big to the point of requiring a bigger server, I would start with adsense ads. For now, free for all to use and enjoy ad-free 😉 Thanks!
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where was this app when I was in school? Very useful
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@sal_siino thanks! Hoping that student find good use of the tool.
I was just looking for a product like this earlier this year! Any plans to make it an API?
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@gorafle hey, sorry I just read this message now. An API is something I could look into. Most programming languages do have libraries that do these calculations though! May be worth checking that out.