Save time and make smarter font choices! Simply select, customize and off you go with a font you love.

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Hey PH, First off, a big thank you to @chrismessina ! Yannick, founder of Prototypo, here. I’m speaking on behalf of the whole team when I say we’re more than excited to launch our web app Unique! At Prototypo, we believe that every brand deserves a proper voice and a font to match it. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve designers’ workflow and allow for more creativity. It all started 8 years ago. As a graphic designer, I felt frustrated with the font choices available and didn’t want to use the same fonts over and over again. Today I have a team of 12 amazing people and we help thousands of designers create their own custom fonts with our design tool Prototypo. But we realized - fonts are used everywhere, but not everyone is a designer! That’s why we developed Unique, a new solution for getting custom fonts faster and easier! Whether you want to make your own font for your startup, small business, blog, you name it - Unique will get you there. Start off by selecting one of our templates and click through the menu to make changes to it. Within a few minutes you create your Unique font and can use it for all your projects. And of course, we have a little something for the PH community! ; ) Get an additional 5% off your first Unique font by following this link: We’re eager to get your take on Unique and we’ll be here all day to answer questions! : ) The Prototypo Team.
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Congrats @yannick_mthy, huge work since last time we met 👌 Gonna dig into this new product 🤟

This reminds me of website templates from Themeforest. You can make a lot of stuff with them and it can be really good, but you can only do so much.

The product and it's idea are truly great but if it explodes we'll see these fonts everywhere :D

If the team keeps adding new presets regularly though, this is 146% great tool I would highly recommend.


Easy to use, sensible presets, very good price


Not very customizable as it only has a few presets

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Thank you Max for this feedback! We will definitively add more templates within the next few weeks — and some very useful features to go deeper in customization are also on the roadmap. Stay tuned!
@rdev Hi Max, do you mind if I quote you for some promotions i have in mind? :)
Awersome, in few clikcs I can propose to my clients to have their own embossed font on our leathers. Good job guys !
@ylan_dahan Thanks a bunch! :)
That's truly awesome ! Just couple of seconds to create an unique typo. Just a question : How many template do you plan to create for the next months ? Good luck guys !
@antonin_mathez thank you! At our cruising speed, we aim to release 1 new template per week thanks to the Prototypo technology!
Congrat's !!! It's really an usefull tools that's really simple to use !
@lucas_rinaldi1 Thanks Lucas, we appreciate your feedback! :)