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Piero Borgo
Piero Borgo@pieroborgo · CCO & Co-Founder, Leevia
How is this different from AppCleaner?
@pieroborgo Curious too.
Martin Bratteng
Martin Bratteng@martinbratteng · CEO @ Nordic Light Media AS
@pieroborgo A fancy UI?
Max Katrych
Max KatrychMaker@katrych · Mac developer
AppCleaner nice free app but in some applications it finds fewer files associated with app. Unfortunately app don't have trial. Will be later.
Amir@amirmasoudabdol · Researcher
@pieroborgo @martinbratteng It's a rather strange UI actually. Using transparent UI elements everywhere, especially behind the actual content, is not recommended. It also makes the buttons (which are not transparent) look off.
Max Katrych
Max KatrychMaker@katrych · Mac developer
@martinbratteng @amirmasoudabdol Non-transparent UI. You are wrong. I used vibrant in combination with gray text that is very good at approaching the UI. All content is visible.