Use Unicorn Platform to create a high-end landing page for your startup.
No coding and design skills required to create a stunning website for a SaaS, mobile application, desktop software or any other project.
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Sup! This is the first comment of my prodcut. I'm excited AF! Let's go! About product Unicorn Platform is the modern landing page builder for startups. It's simple to use, has form integrations (Mailchimp, Zapier) and contains beautiful templates. You can use the tool for free and host a website on a subdomain. Custom domains and branding removing are the only paid features. You do not need to be a designer or coder to create a website page which will "look like you paid $10k for it". It is a quotation of a real client. What is new in v2.0 There are over 30 v2's launched on Product Hunt this Autumn. But I believe my update is the most significant and impressive. So what is new? As you may remember, the v1.0 version of Unicorn Platform was a static landing page generator. It was producing HTML templates for export. Many of you asked me to create a complete website builder with an online content editor and hosting. So, after a year of work, the v2.0 is finally here. You can create websites and inner pages, add page components, edit colors, fonts, button styles, add custom code, integrations, forms, tracking tools and payment services. Your website will be protected with an A-score (SSL Labs) auto-renewing SSL certificate, provided with the best CDN by Cloudflare and has pages with over 90/100 Google Speed Insights score (see test results). Pretty neat! Within a month after the official release, the Unicorn Platform users have created over 600 websites in Unicorn Platform, 29 of them have a custom domain. You can see website examples on the front page What is next As you can see in the Changelog, the product is evolving very quickly. I carefully collect all feedbacks and create long to-do lists. Major planned features may be seen in the Roadmap. The next step in the project's life will be an application to Y-Combinator (I know I'm late for the winter batch but maybe I still can get in @paulg?). I want to learn from the accelerator gurus and meet other founders. Pretty sure it will expand my mind and supercharge the project. Special pricing plan for makers I'm an indie maker myself. Moreover, I'm an ambassador of this movement. That is why I've prepared a special plan for the community. For $8/m you will get a fully powered builder with a custom domain feature. Your website will contain the Unicorn Platform badge. This badge is super unobtrusive and placed in the very bottom of the page. Though, you can switch to the larger plans and remove the "Runs on Unicorn Platform" badge. Some more links to click Twitter: Instagram: see thread. Changelog: Doc on Notion Thanks for your attention! 😘
Using it since it was beta. Loving the dev and the development of this builder. All the very best for the Produchunt launch.
@niteshmanav thanks for the warm words and your huge support you gave in the past!
Awesome product. Congratulations
@vijay_bharadwaj thanks for the kind words Vijay! 🀘
We have been using UP since the first version for Qlearly, I always loved how easy it was. The beta for the v2 looked very promising, congrats on the launch Alexander!
@guillaumebardet thanks a lot Guillaume! Qlearly has one of the most beautiful landing page built with Unicorn Platform out there. I did not put it on the "examples" section only because it is made on v1.0 so it would be a little unfair to call it as an example.
Have seen Alexander build this since early days and have been a paid user until now. I love how he keeps shipping and replies to all kind of feature requests! I have already used this in two side projects that i was able to whip out in a few hours via Unicorn Platform. Kudos and keep growing!
@adityarao310 hey Aditya. Yeah, I remember you asked for sign up and sign in pages long ago. I've shipped it only because you asked for it. Funny thing: it seems you are the only one who actually used it πŸ˜…
@alexanderisora grateful you made it for me! :)