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#1 Product of the DayJanuary 05, 2015
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Benjamin SouthworthMaker@inthecompanyof · Founder, unicornhunt.io
Hi all, I'm one of the founders of 3 beards, and part of the Unicorn Hunt crew. I'm here with @joescarboro and we're going to do an AMA! Ask us about the European/london tech scene, job boards, running events, having beards, et cetera! Fire away!
Stef LewandowskiMaker@stef · Founder, Makelight
@joescarboro @inthecompanyof okay an easy one to start then… what's your motivation for setting up this job board. Aren't you all about tech events?
Benjamin SouthworthMaker@inthecompanyof · Founder, unicornhunt.io
@joescarboro @stef one of the big things we learnt about why people came to our events was, as well as have a great time, was to find potential hires. So we thought we should leverage the always on, always sober(ish), international nature of the web to help facilitate this..
Joe ScarboroMaker@joescarboro · Founder, Touchpaper (also 3beards)
@joescarboro @stef @inthecompanyof That was the original motivation for the first 3beards job board. Unicorn Hunt is about taking what we've learnt over the last couple of years and making a simple, clean, easy to use job board that has the same function, but is also a pleasure to use.
Stef LewandowskiMaker@stef · Founder, Makelight
@joescarboro @inthecompanyof I've been to other networking events where it's been quite an uncomfortable "we are obviously here to recruit you" vibe. How do you get the balance right? Any advice for other people who run startup community events?
Benjamin SouthworthMaker@inthecompanyof · Founder, unicornhunt.io
@joescarboro @stef regarding balance, it's about helping others before yourself. If you're clearly only self-interested that's apparent and is a turn off, instead listen to others and ask "what can I do to help you?". What goes around comes around. Also, though we're not anti-recruiters, we do try to make it clear that this is not just deal flow for them, they have to prove value to the community first.
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Great job @stef and crew on launching! Are you guys keeping this local ( as I see this covers mostly London) or will it expand to cover more of Europe, considering this is a 3beards initiative also and they have their foot in many other capitals around the world thanks to their SiliconDrinkabout events? If so, who will be moderating the job ads in the long run and will it remain free forever? P.S. I don't suppose this is open source, or is it?
Stef LewandowskiMaker@stef · Founder, Makelight
@orliesaurus Thanks! It's been lots of fun doing something quite light-hearted but that could have a big benefit to the startup scene. I'm just chatting to Joe who's sitting next to me - I wonder if we can get him access to reply directly @andreasklinger?
Matt Lanham@mattlanham · Founder of geckoengage.com
@orliesaurus @andreasklinger @stef I have an invite I'll invite him now :) *edit* Ignore that he's on already haha!
Stef LewandowskiMaker@stef · Founder, Makelight
@orliesaurus @andreasklinger @mattlanham I'll reply for Joe here because commenting is limited. (So imagine I have a beard and look slightly older): It’s currently mostly London, so that’s where it has the best effect currently, but there have been jobs from Berlin, Manchester and Amsterdam on there. We’re happy for it to be used wherever, with the view being that if it gets big and diverse enough, we’ll add functionality to support it.
Stef LewandowskiMaker@stef · Founder, Makelight
I've been collaborating on a new job board with the folks at 3beards. They organise tons of startup community events, mainly in London, and I suggested that their job board could be a really good place for people to post and find opportunities. We rebuilt in December, and just put it out today. Any thoughts or questions appreciated! I'll also see if I can get @joescarboro access to comment directly too.
Andy Davis@mrandydavis
Checked it out and found an ace job for a friend in 10 secs. Looks great. Good job.
Benjamin SouthworthMaker@inthecompanyof · Founder, unicornhunt.io
@mrandydavis Thank you very much! :D
Dan Moore@toobulkeh · Vaporware
Seems like the term unicorn has yet another meaning :)