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Unfollow those users who do not follow you back on Instagram

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This is stupid and all of you miss the point of the social networks with this shit. "follow me to follow you" "like me to like you". I honestly don't get what satisfaction you get when somebody only likes/follows you're posts/you just because you did the same for them. If you're up for this, it means that your posts are shit and you're not an interesting person. Trying to be/to look cool when your not, it only makes you look more stupid. Don't get me wrong, i'm neither cool or popular on social networks, but i stand straight. I don't bend over for some likes/follows. If i like something, i'll like the shit out of that. If i'm interested in someone, i'll stalk them home. But i don't expect something in return, because that will be fcking stupid and it will make everything pointless. Kudos, Jitesh, for promoting superficial bullshit.
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@cosminbaluta I also don't understand these tools and I'm sick and tired of all those bots and "growth tactics" on Instagram that a lots of brands or individuals are putting their money on - because it's more simpler than creating your own unique content and actually stay true to what you do. Basically to translate this tool in real life is like... "unfollow all those people you followed after using some other service to like and follow certain accounts that are using certain hashtags and didn't liked you back or any of your photos" So low.
@cosminbaluta you make a great point about how this might encourage more superficial behavior but opening a statement with "this is stupid" is super demoralizing to the person that built it.
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@rrhoover On the other hand, sometimes blunt feedback like this can be appreciated by people, rather than just hearing praise and not getting any counter points. I doubt this type of product is accidentally developed by someone who didn't already know from the start that it would appeal primarily to growth hackers. @jitesh_dugar could just as well have thought 'Well, only 2 haters in the thread, that's not too bad!' and at least had a clearer idea of the overall product reaction.
@joostschuur honest, constructive feedback is the best. When it starts to sound like an attack (intention or not), the message often won't land.
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@cosminbaluta I respect your views and the app may sound pointless to someone who does not care about monitoring their followers, but consider this just as a social media growth tool to give some insights to business users about their followers. For you it might not be important or cool to grow your followers, but for businesses to grow on social media, they need to grow their followers and it is an important way for startups to growth hack and reach more audience. However uncool you might think of this, but the fact remains that such tools are useful for a lot of people and business, hence they are being used.
While working as a growth marketeer, I realised the need of having an app where I could track users on Instagram/Twitter whom I follow but do not follow me back. So, I built this app to track our Instagram account growth. It is an extremely light-weight app and lets you mass unfollow multiple users in just one-click. The app has 15k users so far and 56% returning users. I am looking for some constructive feedback to make the app more useful for growth marketeers. Thank you for your time :) Update - I have removed the mass unfollow feature from the app after feedback from a few people. The feature was possibly violating one of Instagram's API usage policy. Thank you guys! One big reason for loving Product Hunt Community :)
@jitesh_dugar How do you differ from StatusBrew, Crowdfire, and a million others that offer this very specific feature? My current favourite is StatusBrew. Crowdfire is incredibly buggy. Main feature that nobody has built for me yet is "unfollow my low-engaging followers": - Once you hit that 7k limit, of people you can follow, and they all follow you back, the old "unfollow the non-followers" trick doesn't work. - What I want is a way to identify people I follow (who follow me back) that don't engage with my content. Show me people who haven't interacted with any of my recent content, and give me a way to unfollow those people Or better yet, give me a way to engage with them and their posts, to entice them back. Most of the platforms will tell you who your superfans are.. I want to know who the people are that don't engage with me. Also: Need a web interface and an iOS app.
@rossdcurrie Many of the features you're looking for are there or coming up in the new Crowdfire. You should check out the beta in case you haven't :) http://invite.crowdfireapp.com/beta Full disclosure: I work at Crowdfire.
@apsops Just checked it out Amanpreet - I couldn't see any of the features I mentioned above. That new bot-style interface is something I would never use.
@rossdcurrie @jitesh_dugar Haters gonn' Hate. Agreed, bring out an iOS version!
Dude, way too many ads. An ad after every unfollow? A video ad? Good god make it fucking stop!
This one. Just the right timing.
@jitesh_dugar Great tool! This is the classic way to grow any social media accounts. Glad to see it on Instagram 🕵
@dredurr Thank you for your feedback. The idea is to keep it simple. Hence, the app is really light-weight and easy to use :)