What the world is talking about, visualized graphically


Dave Lynam
@drlynam · Founder, BookmarkOS.com
Bookmarked! Where is the data coming from?
Ole Keding
@olekeding · Innovation Manager, Pilot
Great UX. And multilingual. (Insight: Almost everywhere its just sports)
Umit Akcan
@umitakcn · Designer, lives in 🇰🇷
Lol. Turkey name translated wrong. Turkey = Türkiye not "Hindi" which means turkey as an animal. :)
@grooveplex · I follow back 💪
Wow! It's available in Dutch as well. This is great!
Omar Sar
@omarsar0 · ML / AI Researcher, NTHU, Taiwan
Any chance to express the categories using different colors? Awesome visuals!