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    Andrej Fritzfullstack dev @ parcelLab

    Nice alternative to a full webpage

    Easy to use

    No coding needed


    Should really embrace the material design if claiming so

    Maybe more content possibilities

    Nice idea but you are stating that it is based on material design

    but it is not really entirely implemented.

    That are small thing but these are kind of annoying - like scrolling

    in the card - which does not look material at all.

    So there is some design work to do :-)

    Andrej Fritz has used this product for one day.
  • 1015743
    Anoop M.Holberton School Engineering Student

    All bueno! Works like a charm. Will be using for my website - AnoopMacharla.com.



    Poured his blood sweat and tears into this project so other people didn't have to go through the same struggle. Appreciate it!

    Anoop M. has used this product for one day.


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Nathan@nrmadi · Still tryin' to figure it out
Awesome! I love this! I have been using a hacked together bootstrap template for too long. I’ve been waiting for this! Great job @thomaswang
Josh Chaiken@jchaiken · Design Technologist @ ETRADE
Looks awesome! If I could make one recommendation on mobile... if you add the WebKit overflow property for smooth iOS scrolling it’ll be perfect!
Olga Krivoshapkina@olga_krivoshapkina · Health, self-improvement
Great idea!