Access notes, files & pasteboard clips quickly on your Mac

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This is handy, especially the clipboard feature:
TIL there are apps that let you access your clipboard history on Mac. Add this to my "nerdy marketer's life-changing experiences" list. Sure I'll pay $2 for that :) 1 question though: Is an integration with Evernote in the works?
@thibautdavoult You mean integration for notes? Not yet, but I am thinking about it. Do you have some ideas or advices on how it should work?
@eugene_krupnov Yes, I'm talking about notes here. What I'd like is to be able to create new notes on Evernote when using the Unclutter notes tool. Anyways, happy to be a customer already. The clipboard history by itself is enough value for me :)
@thibautdavoult Thanks! Well, Evernote is a rich-text notes taking app, while Unclutter creates plain text only. Is there a good solution to have them working together without breaking up notes format?
@eugene_krupnov not sure about that to be honest! I'd be happy with the very basic (no font etc)
@thibautdavoult Ok. Thanks anyway! I will investigate :)
would love something like this but with custom apps, even websites.
@zee umm, so kinda like the Dock? :)
Great app! Bought it more than 2 years ago, happy to see them here.
@lookinway Thank you. I am new to ProductHunt. And I am very excited to see Unclutter app highlighted.
Neat UI, but I prefer Alfred for this.
@chrismessina Chris, you prefer Alfred for what? These apps are used for pretty different tasks. No?