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Sinchan Banerjee@sinchanb · Ummo
Really excited to share Ummo's iOS app launch with the ProductHunt community! Public speaking is hard, Ummo makes it easier. Whether you are practicing for a presentation or interested in improving your everyday communication, use Ummo to track your "Umms" and "Uhhs", pace, word power, clarity, and more. We've been hard at work at it and would love to get… See more
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ Product Hunt
@sinchanb love this! I used to do the same thing... but manually. Recording myself & listening back over and over again. It was brutal. Wish I had this. Will use it next time! I'm interested in how the voice recognition works, how accurate is it? Where'd you get the idea for building this?
Sinchan Banerjee@sinchanb · Ummo
@mscccc Awesome! We're using IBM's Watson for the voice recognition so it's pretty good right now. It came out of a Hackathon at Harvard. It was originally for students wanting an app that helps with speech prep and then we realized there's a market beyond that scope.
Bryce@brycerausch · Enterprise Sales
@sinchanb Hi. I'm in sales so regularly give presentations, host conf calls, and publicly speak and "umm" "like" etc has been my achilles heel my entire life. I bought your app just from seeing it here at ProductHunt, but am having some issues with it. I'd like to go into detail to troubleshoot, but haven't been able to identify a "contact us" or email ad… See more
Sinchan Banerjee@sinchanb · Ummo
@brycerausch Sorry to hear that! Send us a description of the problem you're seeing and what phone you're using to
Eric Taylor@taylorericscott · Account Executive, HackerRank
@sinchanb I just used Ummo today on one of my sales calls. Love the app so far! But, it's taking forever to transcribe. The call was only 2:43 and it's still not done from the morning. Is that normal? I want to use it on many call throughout the day but it won't let me record another. Any suggestions?
Sinchan Banerjee@sinchanb · Ummo
@taylorericscott Hey Eric, really sorry to hear that! Transcription happens almost instantaneously, so something is definitely off. Was your internet connection good during this time? Try restarting the app with a stable internet connection and email us at We'll get it resolved ASAP!
Eric Taylor@taylorericscott · Account Executive, HackerRank
@sinchanb after I restarted it was amazing. Thanks. Should have tried that first but wanted the data lol.
Gavin Jones@vinnyjones
@sinchanb This looks really good! As Mike says people used to record themselves to get this level of insight. Really good idea guys!
Jake Wetton@graphicartwork · Graphic Designer
@mscccc @sinchanb Brutal is the key word here, hate hate hate it