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Anshul Bhagi
@anshulbhagi · Ummo + Camp K12
Site is back up folks. Traffic took it down but we saved it. Heroku dynos for the win


Sinchan Banerjee
@sinchanb · Ummo
Really excited to share Ummo's iOS app launch with the ProductHunt community! Public speaking is hard, Ummo makes it easier. Whether you are practicing for a presentation or interested in improving your everyday communication, use Ummo to track your "Umms" and "Uhhs", pace, word power, clarity, and more. We've been hard at work at it and would love to get… See more
Guy Malachi
@guy · Chief Product Officer at Showbox
Interesting. The web demo isn't working for me for some reason.
Braunson Yager
@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
Application Error for me :( We killed it..
Javid Jamae
@javidjamae · CEO Brass Tacks Ventures
This seems like a very interesting concept, kudos on the launch. I'm curious about what context people will use it in. I can see people using this when they're rehearsing for a presentation, but I don't really see people using it during a live presentation because it would be too distracting, and people would probably forget to pull out their phone and start… See more
@pommalicious · Designer @ Facebook, formerly Venmo
Cutest name ever