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#4 Product of the DayApril 27, 2016
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Sinchan Banerjee
Sinchan BanerjeeMaker@sinchanb · Ummo
Really excited to share Ummo's iOS app launch with the ProductHunt community! Public speaking is hard, Ummo makes it easier. Whether you are practicing for a presentation or interested in improving your everyday communication, use Ummo to track your "Umms" and "Uhhs", pace, word power, clarity, and more. We've been hard at work at it and would love to get your feedback!
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
@sinchanb love this! I used to do the same thing... but manually. Recording myself & listening back over and over again. It was brutal. Wish I had this. Will use it next time! I'm interested in how the voice recognition works, how accurate is it? Where'd you get the idea for building this?
Sinchan Banerjee
Sinchan BanerjeeMaker@sinchanb · Ummo
@mscccc Awesome! We're using IBM's Watson for the voice recognition so it's pretty good right now. It came out of a Hackathon at Harvard. It was originally for students wanting an app that helps with speech prep and then we realized there's a market beyond that scope.
Bryce@brycerausch · Enterprise Sales
@sinchanb Hi. I'm in sales so regularly give presentations, host conf calls, and publicly speak and "umm" "like" etc has been my achilles heel my entire life. I bought your app just from seeing it here at ProductHunt, but am having some issues with it. I'd like to go into detail to troubleshoot, but haven't been able to identify a "contact us" or email address anywhere except here. Do you want me to just post my problems here or is there an email address/form I'm missing somewhere?
Sinchan Banerjee
Sinchan BanerjeeMaker@sinchanb · Ummo
@brycerausch Sorry to hear that! Send us a description of the problem you're seeing and what phone you're using to
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor@taylorericscott · Account Executive, HackerRank
@sinchanb I just used Ummo today on one of my sales calls. Love the app so far! But, it's taking forever to transcribe. The call was only 2:43 and it's still not done from the morning. Is that normal? I want to use it on many call throughout the day but it won't let me record another. Any suggestions?
Guy Malachi
Guy Malachi@guy · Product/UX focused serial entrepreneur
Interesting. The web demo isn't working for me for some reason.
Sinchan Banerjee
Sinchan BanerjeeMaker@sinchanb · Ummo
@guy Whoops! We're gonna try to get the web demo back up ASAP, but the iOS app is running smoothly.
Braunson Yager
Braunson Yager@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
Application Error for me :( We killed it..
Andrea Coravos
Andrea CoravosMaker@andreacoravos · Ummo + Elektra Labs
@braunshizzle Best news all day. We're back up now :)
Javid Jamae
Javid Jamae@javidjamae · Founder / CEO - Skipcard
This seems like a very interesting concept, kudos on the launch. I'm curious about what context people will use it in. I can see people using this when they're rehearsing for a presentation, but I don't really see people using it during a live presentation because it would be too distracting, and people would probably forget to pull out their phone and start the app before they walk up on stage anyways. But, many live presentations are recorded, so it would be great to point it to a recording of a presentation that I did (maybe by just providing a YouTube link) and collect the analytics after the fact. You could even create a landing page where you have pre-analyzed famous speeches (from people like Steve Job, Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, etc) and given them a "grade". You might even pre-analyze speeches of people who you think are target users and just email them the results as a method of trying to acquire them as users. Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work, it seems promising!
Anshul Bhagi
Anshul BhagiMaker@anshulbhagi · Ummo + Camp K12
@javidjamae thanks for the thoughtful suggestions! The ideas of pre-analyzed speeches with grades and the youtube video analysis functionality are excellent and are on our roadmap for our web site / web app. Wanted to keep the iPhone app to real-time use for now, but we're actively working to expand the use cases. Apart from speech prep and pre-meditated / timed events, we'd like to build out a Continuous version for casual conversational / day-to-day speech. We think hardware integrations could be quite cool, e.g. pairing with an Apple Watch to provide haptic feedback when you say filler words or to give you live feedback you can glance at subtly even when you're giving a live speech in front of audience. Also exploring the possibility of building out our own hardware solution -- think FitBit but for your speech fitness rather than physical fitness. Feel free to share more ideas!
Willy@pommalicious · Designer @ Facebook, formerly Venmo
Cutest name ever