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Netflix for guitarists. Fingerstyle. Season 1 announcement 🎸

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Hello Product Hunters! Ultimate Guitar is the largest guitarists’ community online with over 14M registered users. With 1,3M tabs and chords to 900K+ most popular songs, we can track rising hits and trends. Fingerstyle is becoming more and more popular in the guitarists' world. Here you can check out our research about a history of American fingerstyle: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/.... To keep up with the times, we are preparing to release the Ultimate Guitar Originals. Exclusive professional fingerstyle tabs with author videos for each. Check out a free arrangement for Product Hunters https://plus.ultimate-guitar.com... Play like a Rockstar! 🤘
what - no dust in the wind!?
@passingnotes we have a few secret songs in the first season and as a gift from Ultimate Guitar to Product Hunt, we've included this amazing song to the collection! Number 49, Cheers
@pleis_ru you're awesome!
Ultimate guitar is such a great website. I just got my new https://musiety.com/epiphone-les... and the resource turned out to be a holy grail of information which I really appreciate.
Amazing product - I love it!