A habit tracker to achieve your goals together with mentors.

Uloo helps you achieve your goals and form powerful habits like never before. Join a small group of peers with similar goals, track your progress and book sessions with a mentor or a coach. Wanna join? It's free on iPhone and Android!
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Excited about habit forming for good since reading BJ Fogg & Nir Eyal. Kudos to the launch Pierre & Patrick!
First of all, thanks so much to @__tosh for hunting Uloo! You are the best! When Patrick and I met a few years ago, we discovered a shared passion: how to help people achieve their goals and have a more fulfilled life. We started Uloo by sending motivational cards with a quote and a message to encourage our friends. Through this, they were more motivated and we felt good by doing a positive action. While doing this, we learnt (1) with a bit of encouragement, people can do great stuff (2) that people working on a common goal wanted to be more connected together (3) people wanted to help and share their experience with others in return. Today we introduce a new product that makes personal growth more human by connecting people having the same goal together and making it easy to find mentors and coaches directly when you need them. Uloo has been built for the adventurous people who believe in making their dreams come true. According to U.S. News: “80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the second week in February.” Don’t be one of them, join Uloo for free! We are aware that it will take more iterations to make it more right! This is why we’d love to hear your feedback. Send us your ideas/questions/comments: pierre@uloo.me.
Best app i've seen so far. Very inspirational!