We are not supermen so we forget what we learned easily, especially for vocabulary. Ulangi is made for you to manage, learn and memorize vocabulary so that you will not likely to forget them. You can add your own vocabulary or discover new ones. This app has a lot of features which are listed at the comment below.

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Hello hunters, here are the list of features: - Auto Syncing - Offline access - Built in dictionary (using wiktionary) - Built in translation (using google translate) - Spaced repetition mode - Quiz mode - Two mini-games (Reflex & Atom) for you to brush up. - Discovery (to discover new vocabulary) - Pronunciation/Speech (using Amazon Polly) - Vocabulary Management (add, edit, delete, archive vocabulary) - Set Management - Auto Archive (automatically archive vocabulary you have mastered) Product link: https://ulangi.com Any feedback & suggestions for new features are welcome. Thanks in advance
@jimmyloi92 Are you from indonesia?
@at_indo I'm Vietnamese, currently in US.
@jimmyloi92 Well, sorry. I thought you are indonesian because of the word "Ulangi", it means repeat in Indonesia. So, yeah.
@at_indo Yeah. That's what the app does hence I give it that name :D
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