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👋 friends,

I’m a Dribbble player @oykun from its very early days. I remember the times of majority posts being useful, meaningful, smart & real life projects. They're still in there but very much lost in thousands of trendy, unusable posts.

Here I hand-pick designs from real life projects or that can be applied to our real client projects.


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Aziz Firat
Okan Düngel
Matteo Pasuto
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  • Brandon Yung
    Brandon YungDesigner

    What we always needed from Dribbble! Clean design and easy to follow, love this product.


    However I wish each project would show more information, specifically which company it is for. That's what this is about right?

    I like to follow what companies and their designers are up to, so if that could be implemented further I would see myself using this over Dribbble any day. :) Great product!

    Brandon Yung has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Shiny site


    Not particularly inspired taste

    Would rather just use Dribble

    Chuck Kelly has used this product for one day.