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UFC Card is a community of UFC fans. Find out upcoming UFC fight cards, fight results and chat about it in our telegram group.

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Hey PH! πŸ‘‹ I'm excited to make my first launch here on PH. My partner and I have been running a digital products studio for almost 2 years now and we've finally made the move into making our own products. I usually borrow my partner's ear, willing or not, to go on about the UFC fight that just happened over the weekend. As a huge MMA fan and amateur practitioner, I'd detail that triangle choke set up or finesse boxing in the pocket to him and one day he finally stopped me and told me that I should make a product revolving around UFC. That idea has now grown into a working website. For me, as a fan, I have to go to Wikipedia for the fight card and fight results, and Sherdog for the fighter profiles. There was no centralized place that was pretty or easy to use; this lead me to make UFC Card. Current UFC Card features: πŸ“° Fight card Check out upcoming fights in the UFC that are constantly updated. 🚚 Fight results (No spoiler feature) Get fights results delivered to you as the fight happens. We've even implemented a 'No spoiler' feature so that you decide when you want to see the results. We use emojis to indicate the way of victory so that you can quickly consume the results but if you want to know the exact method of victory, try hovering over the emoji! πŸ’¬ Community chat We have a very new telegram chat group opened to the public. My hopes with this is to have a live chat where people can instantaneously discuss what the hell just happened! It's also to help my business partner from having to listen to me go on about the fights 😜 ---- πŸ€” Some planned features include: - Fighter profiles so you can see the fighters fight record and details - A search function for all events and fighters - See odds for the fights - Try to monetize at some point πŸ˜… To see our full roadmap, you may check out our trello board https://trello.com/b/mP0TkddB/uf... Hope it's useful to the fight fans you are or may know and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about it!
Hey @briantoh1! Really cool execution here - big fan of innovation in the sports tech space. Have you guys thought about integrating live betting odds at all? Or anything around betting? Thanks, Ben
@briantoh1 Andddd I'm an idiot i saw that you mentioned that as planned. I guess great minds think alike? Haha Separate question, i haven't seen any fan communities for sports come to life over Telegram yet, what's your plan on how to make this work, so it's not just a constant feed of spam from people but an actual, engaging ongoing conversation?
@benmlevy Hey Ben! Yeah I'd definitely prefer to believe great minds think alike haha. So yeah odds are great to give fans an idea who the favourite is and I'd probably look to link out to an affiliate program as a way to monetize. Re the telegram community, we're not always privileged to have a mate watching with u to go mad with so I thought I'd want somewhere to discuss reactions and thoughts immediately. You're right in identifying there'll probably be spammers etc so I'd wanna come up with a strict manifesto initially with moderators that can help me guarantee a cohesive environment. I have a bunch of people in mind who are fit for the role and I've known them for a while now. As the community grows, I'd have to continue thinking of ways to slow down growth so that we have something good going on but that would be a really pleasant problem to have. Right now, I just want to lower the barriers to join so there's some sort of engagement to begin with - that's the challenging part!
@briantoh1 For sure that makes sense - I've just been in a bunch of these cryptocurrency based Telegrams and have noticed very little value in the discussions...but maybe I'm in the minority? I think any community with great guidelines and a manifesto has a much higher likelihood to produce high-value content and engagement.
@benmlevy I can relate. We r probably in some of the same crypto groups . And yeah I’m just a lurker there. I completely agree with you and will keep that in mind for all future community decisions. Cheers for that!