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Ubersuggest helps you generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production. With Ubersuggest 2.0 free keyword tool, generate an unlimited number of suggestions for free and take your content creation to the next level while increasing your website's chances of ranking against the competition.

  • Dana Gore
    Dana GoreLearning As I Go

    Free, Easy to Use


    Haven't Found Any

    I recently used Ubersuggest to do some kw research. Considering I'm new to SEO, I found it easy to work with and, of course, it's a plus that it's free. There's a box that tells you how easy or difficult it will be for your kw to rank, so that was helpful. I plan to keep using it and I do recommend it.

    Dana Gore has used this product for one week.
  • Joy Healey
    Joy HealeyPart-time blogger and Internet Marketer

    Free, and you don't have to login


    I'm sure cleverer people than I might nit-pick, but I haven't found anything to complain about.

    I'm no expert - but that's what's so great about Ubersuggest 2.0. I don't have to be! It's simple to work with, and glad that it's being developed even further.

    Joy Healey has used this product for one month.
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Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
Thanks Ben for hunting this. I really appreciate the Product Hunt community sharing this as my goal is to help all startups generate more traffic without pending money. If you are wondering what's new there are a few things: 1. You can now see how easily it is to rank for a keyword organically. We have a formula that looks how long it takes sites to rank as well as how optimized each site is. We also look at the overall authority. 2. Similar to V1, we show traffic estimations. But in V2, we added a graph at the top to show traffic over time. 3. There are many more advanced settings. We added a filters button to allow you to control the results a bit more and filter out the results you don't want. 4. You can also see the top 100 sites that rank for any given keyword in any language as well as their social share count.
Biraj Ghosh
Biraj Ghosh@biraj · Making beautiful products
@neilpatel Ahh! perfect timing Neil, I was looking for something like this, love the simplicity.
Itai Elizur
Itai Elizur@itaielizur · COO at InboundJunction
@neilpatel will you also let users see who is linking to a certain page?
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@biraj thank you!
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@itaielizur we are looking to add this in 2019. Most likely late 2019.
David Alexander
David Alexander@david_alexander2
@neilpatel Wow, how far Ubersuggest has come along since v1! Good work Neil! Keep it up, this tool just got promoted in my SEO stack! :)
Nadav Dakner
Nadav Dakner@nadavdakner
One of the best SEO and KW research tools that exist today (and it's free). The thing I love the most is not having to login to KW Planner tool and getting an exact number instead of a vague range
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@nadavdakner thanks! Yes, I always found it irritating that most tools make you login. So I removed that. 😉
Erik Emanuelli
Erik Emanuelli@erikemanuelli · ProBlogger
Clean design. Really quick and simple to use. Tested it for a few keywords and found clever ideas to improve my niche sites. Search is fast and gives, at a glance, tons of useful data to work on. Definitely, a practical tool. Thanks for making it free!
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@erikemanuelli you are welcome. Within the filters button you can turn on more keyword ideas as well. Just select "Google ads".
Marco Diversi
Marco Diversi@marco_diversi · I Am Making Cash
Wow, Neil, It looks so good now! I have moved it up from position 11 in my bookmarks in my 'Keyword Research Tools' folder to position 3. If this didn't rank higher on the SERP it definitely did rank higher in my bookmarks!
Neil Patel
Neil PatelMaker@neilpatel
@marco_diversi now I have to just release more features so it moves up to number 1 ;)
Marco Diversi
Marco Diversi@marco_diversi · I Am Making Cash
@neilpatel dang then!!! nice
Marco Diversi
Marco Diversi@marco_diversi · I Am Making Cash
A Few Months After The Launch Of This, I Come Back To Say That Is A Very Nice Tool For Really! I Like It More And More Day After Day. The Way It Sorts The Keywords Is Different From The Other Kw Tools, And Also It Goes Super Fast And Free!
Joy Healey
Joy Healey@joy_healey · Part-time blogger and Internet Marketer
Can't believe that a keyword research tool as good as this is actually free - and you don't even have to login. Excellent resource. Thanks!
Alon Keren
Alon Keren@alon_keren · Full-stack digital marketer.
@joy_healey My thoughts exactly. I tried to find a catch as to why this is free, but I ended up just getting lost in my own keyword research on the platform since it was so easy 😅