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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
This is a big deal on several fronts, if not just that it's Uber's first global launch outside the US. Although cabies are worried about their livelihood being eaten up by Uber, I actually think that Uber's real threat is to public transportation infrastruction — as Uber says: " By making it easy and affordable for people to share rides, we can create affordable, efficient alternatives to individual car ownership." But who else is driving these cars than car owners? Earlier in the post Uber shows its hand: "...it’s about better public transportation, though this takes time and not everyone can live near subway or bus stop. It’s also about new technology because services like Uber can help use the existing infrastructure more efficiently today." So, more Ubers on more roads in more places around the world, filling in the cavernous gaps left by public services and the out-moded and resistant-to-change taxi industry. Yup.
@chrismessina, it seems to me the other interesting thing is for once, Uber is going to be playing catchup and not lead the way. Blablacar is the big player in this ride sharing space, a recent “unicorn” (https://www.crunchbase.com/organ...) and growing fast apparently. But clearly it shows how ambitious Uber is and they do not want to leave no stone unturned in the transport space. They won’t let another product grow “alone”. It will be interesting to see how the two compete.
Steven W
Nice guys finish lunch.
@chrismessina so technically this is a loop hole around having your TLC license and essentially it could cannibalize all of the existing Uber driver's jobs.
And what a great way to meet new people while travelling in the same direction! Really jealous of all of you guys living in cities uber supports :D
@kristapslazda Agreed! Living in Broward County in Florida and still suffering from No UBER. I really feel like UBER is the best thing since sliced bread.
Farid el NasireFounder & Hacker
I feel bad for BlaBlaCar, they have been doing this for a few years now.
Ryan MacCarthy
Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
@faridelnasire or Zimride (now Lyft). The reality is that competition is good for us all.
Louis de VaumasAutomation specialist
@faridelnasire uberCOMMUTE is not really like BlaBlaCar. BlaBlaCar is great for booking a ride some days in advance, uberCOMMUTE is for real-time ridesharing (for what I understand). BlaBlaCar is pretty strong in Europe and launching in the US in a market they know well. Maybe they will confront at some point, but for now they have different approach.
yarrifounder, moflo.me
Nice to see, and agree with @louisdv, this is focused on realtime need, not carpool planning, etc. Added to my Carpool collection... http://www.producthunt.com/@yarr... As a meta note, how does one add 'Similar Products' links on PH?
Phillip KlugmanBiz Dev Manager, TriplePoint PR
One of the the most interesting bits of news from this announcement is that Chengdu, China, is Uber's number one city in the world.
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