Uber on Messenger

Order an Uber right from Facebook Messenger

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This is why Messenger is the platform of the future, over [Google] search. Chat is just the native context of the mobile world.
@chrismessina I actually think native is the native context of the mobile world, but chat is a close second-order. To wit: I would rather use the Uber app on my Apple Watch, or via Siri, or even the Uber app on my iPhone, than have to go into a Messenger and type which is more work. Siri would be the killer integration. I think we're just talking around the same point though, which is: get closer to the metal.
@thetylerhayes well, you're talking about you or me... but we're not like most users. Most users do messaging and don't install apps (or can't find them if they have them installed). There are still TONS of people in the world who haven't discovered or used Uber yet, but who do use Facebook Messenger. So just imagine the next time you're talking to one of those folks in Facebook Messenger and you're trying to meet up and they give you an address — without them installing an app, they can get a car delivered to them to pick them up...! That's the magic of integrating into the chat context... it's a natively shared computing environment in a way that your OS and the apps you have installed isn't!
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@chrismessina Somebody give this man an up vote.
@chrismessina Actually I am talking about most users. I shouldn't have muddied it up with the app mention. Siri (and Now) is even more available than FB Messenger. My point is: get closer to the metal, where metal is the user's available options. You're saying most people have Messenger. That's true. I'm saying even more people have Siri (and Now) because they're defaults. You have to plug apps into Messenger or Siri either way (the current Uber one-off is a special case; Messenger will be an app store in the long run).
@thetylerhayes @chrismessina I think people 'having' Siri or Now is not what counts, it's what people use and where the network is. Facebook (with WhatsApp + Messenger) has demonstrated that network effect trumps 'power of default' gatekeepers like the OS or even hardware. It's an incredible steep climb for Apple and Google to get to the user engagement that established messaging apps have. That's why Messenger and WhatsApp are in a much better position here. It’s great to be able to understand conversations - like Siri and Now do - but it doesn’t mean much if nobody is talking.
only downside to this... the statement yeah I'm on my way now... just waiting for my Uber... doesn't work as well anymore if you are still sitting on the couch watching Netflix instead of ordering an Uber...
Messengers will be their own ecosystem. Wechat as paved the way and now others are following. Facebook Messenger and Uber is just the beginning.
Uber is taking over 🔥 Here is the TechCrunch article on the announcement written by @sarahbuhr Wish it was more prevalent in Cardiff :( (UK)
yo I tried installing Uber on Messenger but it didn't work out for me am I supposed to PM "Uber" the contact or add in a third-party extension