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#1 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2014
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Excited to be one of the launch partners on this with Momento!
Uber's quickly justifying their ~$18B+ valuation. Excited to see what people do with this. Predictions?
@rrhoover I'm sure there will be some really clever integrations, but I think most of its use will just be "Get an Uber" in apps with events in them. I hope Sunrise uses it!
@rrhoover I think you meant 18B+? This is just the beginning for cars/taxis. When they integrate deliveries, restaurants will be able to deliver it to you in one-click and so much more.
@nikunj yes, typo fixed. :)
@lachlanjc I agree. This could be cool for last minute event/activity discovery apps. Find an event --> buy a ticket --> request an Uber. They could even integrate with fare splitting for each attendee if that's opened up as an endpoint down the line.
Big surprise, this is the top hunt today!
What I was really hoping for (but not expecting) was access to driver data. I've been driving for Lyft for a month now, and there's SO MUCH data they have that they could share to help drivers improve their experience so that they can maximize earnings over time. I want to use historical data to predict where is the best neighborhood I should be in at a best time.
@paulgambill Have you looked at sherpashare? http://sherpashare.com/
@cnaut Oh wow, that's perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
Ok, is it just me, or does the box around "register your app" look sideways? I know it isn't, but still.
@SomewhatJustin whoa, yeah! It’s because the map behind is is slightly tilted the opposite direction. Funny.