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#5 Product of the WeekAugust 06, 2014
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Totally legit. (Disclosure: I created this.)
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@meredithperry I'm cheering for you. Yet to be seen as far as technical performance on ultrasound.
@datarade I'm always a skeptic when it comes to new tech, so I feel you. No tech specs will be publicly disclosed until the product is out. You'll see it for yourself when it's ready!
@meredithperry An arsenal of questions/concerns arises that I look forward to seeing answered. - Beamforming? - Energy Density? - High intensity ultrasound damages tissue. - Waste energy - Inverse Square law? - Frequency Range & Power? Cheers and good luck.
@datarade - Beamforming? = yes - Energy Density? = you'll find out later - High intensity ultrasound damages tissue. = absolutely none - Waste energy = minimal - Inverse Square law? = doesn't apply here - Frequency Range & Power? = you'll find out later
Can't wait to see more, but first can we stop and lol at this NYT opening line? "When Meredith Perry, 25, started studying astrobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, her career goal was to eventually find life on other planets. Instead, Ms. Perry accidentally stumbled upon something even more exciting: the ability to charge portable electronics, like cellphones and laptops, wirelessly using ultrasound." **More** exciting than life on other planets?
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@clarklab That line wasn't great. Luckily for us, Meredith hopefully has another 75 years or so on this planet to also discover life on another planet.
@benparr @clarklab knowing @meredithperry if she can't find life on other planets she'll create it.
@clarklab One of uBeam's first products is a transmitter that wirelessly beams aliens through the air with 100% efficiency.
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@BrettdeM actually something I'm legitimately interested in doing
Normally people prefer to find launched products on Product Hunt but uBeam is particularly fascinating. I was naturally skeptical when I first heard about this but @benparr and other investors I've chatted with, say it's legit. I'm curious how quickly it will charge my Macbook or iPhone.
@rrhoover Totally legit. I've seen and played with it. Closest thing to magic you've ever seen. (Disclosure: also an investor!)
@rrhoover Do you have an ECE background?
@jtriest be more specific.
@datarade nope! I know nothing about electrical engineering.
@rrhoover Then it's probably best not to trust other investors unless they have an ECE competency and have a solid understanding of the controller behind the view, so to speak. To be more specific, I don't believe @benparr or @jtriest 's testimonial about the product is necessarily meaningful as the base non-modified form of ultrasound technology is seemingly magical. Bold claims require bold evidence.
Welcome, @meredithperry. :) How efficient is uBeam? For example, how long would it take to charge my iPhone vs. plugging it into a standard wall outlet. (Disclosure: I didn't invest)
AMA -- I'm on a 5 hour flight to NY.
@meredithperry Is it true you invented artificial gravity five years ago, but keep the secret invention locked up so you can use it for your personal enjoyment until you feel we are ready?