zen blog platform (like medium)

Typegram - zen blog platform (like medium).

Basic Capabilities:

- publications, comments

- favorites, subscriptions

- mentions, tags

- ratings, votes and so on

Andrei Sorokin
Izya Kazman
  • Izya Kazman
    Izya KazmanAgoda, Senior Software engineer

    Easy to use, pretty full functionality for a feed publishing tool


    none discovered yet

    If you are interested in popularizing your blog on Zen platform this is a

    minimalistic and functional app that meets most of the needs of a fresh

    blogger/publisher, no annoying functions, just what is needed nothing more

    nothing less

    Izya Kazman has used this product for one week.
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Вадим Кулибаба
Вадим КулибабаMaker@new_user_cea3179d61 · Vadim, I like to reinvent the wheel
👋 Hi Product Hunt! This is my first project, to the development of which I approached so slowly and thoroughly. No MVP, no mobile first, no easy money and other startup mantras. It sounds crazy, but I started with the database engine, about 6 months ago. I worked on it every night and all weekends without exception. Then I erased the resulting engine and wrote it again. Then wrote the medium's clone. Deleted it and write again. And so on. Any project consists of a thousand little things. And there is always a temptation, save time for some of them and use a ready solution. In this project, every little thing is invented anew. I described it as a medium, but it's not. A lot of borrowed from telegrams, but we are not talking about direct borrowing. The speed of work and asceticism, an absence of scripts and convenience of reading are borrowed. These are the ideas that formed the basis of the typegram. Later, Egor @abaturov joined the project and helped to take a fresh look at the project, proposing to go to the extreme in minimalism. Robert @erion helped make the project more convenient for visually impaired users. Alexey @berazuvaev now draws funny avatars. The typegram has already taken place as an open source engine. Now I want it to take place as a product. What you see is not the end point, but rather the very beginning. Let's see what happens. And we are not going anywhere to hurry. I hope it will be a long and interesting journey. Description: Localization The service is available, for example, for Russian-speaking (ru.tgr.am), or English-speaking (en.tgr.am) users. During development, platforms for other languages are opened. On each subdomain, users and publications are separate. Optimization The first thing that catches your eye is the high speed of page loads and aggressive optimization. You will not find third-party scripts that monitor user behavior or huge styles / images. The site works with javascript turned off, it remains fast and convenient on any platform. Subscriptions On the main page, the author you are subscribed to is displayed, and the number of new publications. The link leads to the first unread message, in chronological order, as in telegram. Typegram does not impose on you whom and when to read. Mentions When someone mentions you in comments you will see it on the main page Editor The editor supports typing in markdown markup directly, or with rich features and visual formatting. With the ability to make a post fullscreen, preview, autosave and other convenient "tidbits" Rating system You may see three sections with strange names on the main page: top (∧) mid (Ξ) btm (∨) Yes, I love DotA (my dog's name is Pudge, for example). And I'm sure that ratings are more about game mechanics/motivation than something seriously adequate. On typegram, content is divided into three parts, top, middle and bottom. All new articles go to farm the rating on the midline. Good articles go to the top. Bad articles fall to the bottom. It simplified description. The main thing which you need to know - no editor's choice. It work like news ycombinator, automatically Rating of the article: + 5:1 - Each user has 10 votes per day. You may spend them on both pluses and minuses for one article, or distribute them as you want. The author sees both the negative and the positive reactions, separately. Rating of the comments: + 5 Comments are positive only. I do not know why. Do not ask. Openness The project is free and open source. I always welcome comments and suggestions on github: github.com/recoilme/tgram