The stunning markdown and writing app for Mac

#2 Product of the DayDecember 02, 2014
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Minimal writing apps are the new fart app.
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TBH, I'm more in favor of cloud-based writing tools and @natekontny's Draft is my go-to, but I've heard good things about Typed. Related: here's a collection of Tools for Writers.
@rrhoover @natekontny I'm actually a big Byword fan and have been thinking about writing a little piece of software to automatically sync it to Drive without converting it to a gdoc.
@rrhoover @natekontny Is Draft still being developed on the regular now that Señor Kotny is CEO of Highrise? I haven't seen updates in a minute.
@nikf @dancounsell I have to ask, of all the things you could build, why another writing app? Not that there isn't room for improvements but there are soooo many tools for this already.
@rrhoover @dancounsell We build apps that scratch our own itch. The whole team does a _tonne_ of writing and we’ve been keen to build a writing app that we’d want to use - and chatting with other writers who were in on the beta, we’ve been keen to make something different and useful for us.
Just out of interest, what made you think the world needed another Markdown editor? This one looks super sleek, but it seems to be a fairly contested market. So, from a business perspective, I'd be interested to hear your trail of thought.
@lewisflude Hey Lewis, this was answered in the comment above: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
@lewisflude Hey Lewis: it’s a great question. Markdown is something we use a lot of. It’s a particular technology that we’re placing a lot of emphasis on - both @RapidWeaver and @EmberApp support and use Markdown in their own ways. Scratching an itch isn’t always the path to success, but we felt there was an opportunity to built something different, something that helps _us_ write, and we’ve seen plenty of interest in Typed. Today is just the start, so while we think there’s plenty of reasons to use Typed right now, we’re also planning way beyond where we are today. Apologies for the somewhat-roundabout answer, but in short: we think there’s a place for Typed, and we’re here to do what we love, which is offer an app and keep consistently making it better. Far too many writing apps launch and stagnate. —N
It's from RealMac Software, and as a rule, the stuff they make is top notch (think Clear). I'm not sure it'll displace Byword for me, but I'm eager to give it a try.