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Find the perfect font combo for your next project

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Creator here--open for any questions/suggestions! :)
@itswaveney I think this is a great, simple tool that will make my life a little easier. The examples are a great thing to look at.
@itswaveney Awesome idea, finding the right type combo can take a huge amount of time. Have you considered opening it up to curated contributions?
@Hamey Thanks-glad you like it. I was getting so OCD about fonts that something had to be done! We have considered having a section for submissions--will be out with the next version along with fonts from a couple of other foundries (right now it's just typekit and google). We definitely want to get a larger selection in there! In the meantime if you (or any other hunters) have great suggestions, tweet them our way @teammuno and we can enter them manually.
This is fantastic! Sometimes I get too comfortable with the same combinations. Good to mix it up a bit, experiment without having to think too much about it :D. Thanks @itswaveney
@ulisesorozco You're welcome! :) Happy you found it useful.