Tycho Forecast

Turn your weather into a Spotify or Apple Music playlist

Tycho and I developed this app which turns your weather into a playlist. It uses the Dark Sky api to get your local weather conditions and then relates those conditions to audio features. For example, a gusty day may produce tracks with a higher tempo. ⛈
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Tycho and I would love feedback on this simple utility we put together and hope that it melds with your weather nicely. If you're curious about how it was built, please check out the case study here: https://bit.ly/2ZgWvwQ Thank you!
@leemartin Very cool project! Listening to my playlist rn and digging it ☀️
@amrith cheers Amrith, get anything good?
Good stuff as always, Lee! Reminds me of this https://www.fastcompany.com/3068...
@soozyn that's a great one Susan! Nice to see you here. I love the weather stuff. Purple Rain Report is still one of my favorite projects http://purplerain.report/
Love this. Great playlist for a cloudy day so far.
@thekerp ☁ Lots of love for Mom+Pop records crew who helped put together the pool of tracks we're using.
I like this project, easy for creating playlist just by tap the sun button
Super cool.. weather has always been a big factor for kind of songs I would like to listen to.. thanks for building this. 🙌