The missing text editor for iPhone & iPad

A simple text editor for iOS & iPadOS. Supports many themes and has syntax highlighting for almost every code language on this planet. Comes with deep iOS/iPadOS integration (mouse support, keyboard shortcuts & Files integration).
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Nice! Hits the spot
Hi there, I'm Tim and I created this product. A few weeks ago I bought an iPad Pro to replace my laptop. I absolutely love the iPad, but one night I had to edit a simple text file stored on a local server. I could view the contents of this file in the Files app, but there was no way to edit it. I looked around in the App Store but all I could find were apps for writers, or complete coding environments. All I needed was a simple app like Windows Notepad. So I decided to create this app. Hope you enjoy it!
cool... all the best
Great! Congratulations on the launch.
Hey this is pretty cool! I love the save option, Pretext was autosaving my files which was causing rsync to think that their copy was always the latest. Do wish there was a file list and a way to sort by date modified. Also my .md files are interpretted as applescript instead of markdown. Good work though, it's my daily text editor for now.