Swap photos with strangers around the world, anonymously

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This app is delightful and reminds me a lot of Rando (RIP, cc @millsustwo) and an app that @alexyoungkwon is working on (cc @corleyh, @mscccc).
I took this photo yesterday, sharing a #work moment with a stranger in Alpharetta, USA:
I love the app. I was an avid user of Rando (RIP, I still have you on my android home screen), and this certainly comes in handy as a replacement. There is something magical about sharing a moment, sentiment with a complete stranger from another part of the world. There have been cool projects tackling such cause ( in the past. Visuals are certainly interesting, but 'curiosity' really amplifies this kind of experience. You see a fraction of someone's life. You get to 'imagine' the rest. Wonder what he/she is like. Cheers for this delightful product. p.s. I am working on an app called oneminute ( where everyone gets one magical notification and snap a picture within oneminute, all at the same time and share it with the world. very excited that @corleyh @mscccc @rrhoover) have been using the app since vip beta.
It's great hearing all the different responses to the app. Interesting for us is that everyone either really likes the fact that it has no social network to speak of, or hates that.
@brunoscheele i love it. it's like the modern version of message in a bottle except a guaranteed reply.
It's great. I love that you get to pick a theme and are paired with someone immediately who took something based on the same subject. A fun app for sure.
Neat concept. Doesn't interest me as a user, but something like this can certainly gain critical mass
I would love to see an option where users guess the other person's name by looking at the picture :). I used to play it in college where we would sit in cafe and guess that lets play his/her name-guessing game. Easier to do in local community (same culture) but I would love to guess whether he is Mark, Joe, Molish, Reeve... once I know the user's country! :)