Two to Tango

Go on dates with your friends (NY only)

We've seen a ton of dating apps (see this collection) and a few that have focused on group dating (Grouper being the most prominent). I'll give this a try once they expand to SF.
hit me on email ron or @RonP. I'll be in NYC next week as well if you guys would like to meet up. the experience is totally yours to imagine and create. we just want to help provide the best possible building blocks (with some new goodies we're releasing on 2/25) to make it as easy as possible.
Hi Everyone! I’m Cody and I’m one of the founders of Two to Tango. We are trying to make mobile dating a more social experience and are focused on getting small groups of people together. We’d love any feedback and are here to answer any questions.
@codyrsimons congrats on the launch! let us know if @Layer can help. we're working a bunch of companies in your category to deliver a world class communications experience in app. we just did a post in this yesterday with Valentine's Day in mind.
@Layer @ronp Thanks! I just read the blog post - interesting piece. I assume that some of the interactions (e.g. the typing indicator) to alleviate pressure on someone writing the message. Opportunities in improving the initial point of contact after a match seem to coming to a head with Tinder acquiring Tappy and Bumble allowing communication through photo sharing. I'd love to chat sometime!