Twitter Search Fixer

Fix Twitter search by not accidentally clicking #hashtags


Have you ever typed a handle or name into the search and clicked the result you wanted JUST as a tonne of other search results pop up and you select the wrong thing?

You need Twitter Search Fixer to hide those pesky results or to show the results you want first.

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  • Akshay Kadam(A2K)
    Akshay Kadam(A2K)Maker of all things JavaScript 😘

    Makes Twitter search better



    This happened to me more than 1000 times when I wanted to tag someone but I didn't knew the username but then I accidentally clicked the wrong username every fucking time. Thanks Dani for fixing this problem I've had for so long πŸ™Œ

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  • Gleb Sabirzyanov
    Gleb SabirzyanovHacker. Aiming for the impossible!

    Now the most frustrating thing about Twitter is fixed for me, thanks to this extension!


    Twitter still sucks...

    As soon as I heard someone make this I immediately downloaded it β€” works like a charm. I think this problem even made me stop using Twitter search, but now that it's fixed I can continue to easily search people I recently found but forgot to follow!

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  • Clo
    CloUX Travelling Ethics Privacy | Freelance

    Does the job perfectly well



    Danielle's Twitter Search Fixer extension completely remove the part of the search results that pop-up at the last moment. You know, the one Twitter wants you to click *instead of* what you really want to click? Well, it's gone now. Thanks Danielle!

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  • Sarah Jackson
    Sarah JacksonInweed | Product Hunt Clock

    The question is why WOULDN'T you use this πŸ˜€



    This is soooo needed. Nice job!

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