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#3 Product of the WeekJuly 06, 2016



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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Big move by Twitter. It's now streaming Wimbledon live: Notice the new URL structure:
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
@rrhoover Now I just having Tennis playing in the background. Not complaining. I will become Tennis expert by the end of this comment. 🎾✊
Rich Greenfield@richbtig · TMT Analyst, BTIG
@rrhoover i just have two guys talking about tennis??
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Something new
@richbtig @rrhoover yeah see my comment below - doesn't actually seem to show the match, just the commentary.
Brian Fanzo@isocialfanz · Millennial Speaker & Podcast Host
@rrhoover Freaking awesome... imagine when you have the NFL game there and under it feeds from players live from periscope!
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
@rrhoover Good article on Recode on the Twitter Wimbledon livestream (an incomplete "test" experience) ahead of the NFL deal
@bentossell @richbtig @rrhoover It was showing the match too. Maybe you were watching during the break?
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Something new
@ameetkotian @richbtig @rrhoover Checked multiple times and wasnt showing the game live, like expected. Like now... Murray vs Tsonga has started and playing right now - but just commentary being shown on the Twitter Live page. Even heard them say 'you can watch it on ESPN or BBC' Assumed this would show the match.
Kourosh Behnam@kouroshbehnam · Digital Marketer and Paid Media
@isocialfanz @rrhoover for real. It's going to be sick.
Leonel More@leonelmore · Build your product with us:
@rrhoover it's the way tv should be!
Chris Short@chrisshort · DevOps, Sarcasm as a Service™
This is what Twitter should exploit. Live events with video and feed. Get this on the Apple TV ASAP!
Christina Warren@film_girl · Senior Tech Correspondent, Mashable
It's just commentary now (with a link to an ESPN page that doesn't work in the US), but I think this is a good sign of what we'll see when the NFL streams start this fall. And that's awesome.
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
@film_girl yup. excited for it! 🐥📺🙌
Alex Pinter@lxpinta · Austrian, Co-Founder/CEO @inscouts
@film_girl can't wait for it #NFLonTwitter
Derek E. Silva@dereksilva
@film_girl Agreed. This could also work for sports with fledgling fan bases in various countries, like cricket. Seeing pros and commentators explain what's happening and why without interrupting the viewing experience for informed fans.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Something new
Isn't this just a step up from radio though? RE: Wimbledon - You don't seem to be able to watch the match, just a video of the commentators haha. Also its a few minutes behind the live game - and with Twitter focusing on real-time, live events - it may need to get up to speed here. I like the idea though and the tweet stream next to it is cool.
Parker Woodward@parkerwoodward · AI to automate
@bentossell Agreed. Who wants to "watch" commentary? I was a bit bummed. But it's a big step in the right direction.
Colin GardinerHiring@colingardiner · VP of Product and Analytics
Imagine this will move the needle in a big way on the advertising front.