Twitter Analytics helps you get insights into your audience, track content performance, find and filter mentions, and benchmark against competitors on Twitter.
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Hi ProductHunt community! We’d like to introduce our brand new product - Twitter Analytics! At this stage, we’re bringing you audience demographics, detailed tweet performance, the ability to track your mentions and sort most liked and retweeted ones. We’re also giving you access to full competitor reports so you can benchmark against competition. All the features our users already love about are also available for Twitter: beautiful automated reports, data exports to PDF, PPTX, CSV and XLS, email and Slack updates, whitelabelling, team management, and more! Our prices are per social media profile, so you only pay for the platforms you use. You can find more details on pricing and features available at As you’re still reading this please let me whisper to you - just send the code Producthunt to our customer support and they’ll double your free trial time. Hope you’ll give it a try!
@mike_mntr Hi Mike, I made a short took a screencast walking through the Twitter Analytics for Check it out here:
Maybe you'll find it useful as a real user test! Looks pretty good alround. Some small improvements (like the best time to post feature). Good luck with your launch. Cheers! Jibran
@askjibran Thanks Jibran. The screencast is amazing! Thanks for doing it. Noticed that you missed your account demographics data under the Audience tab. It has some interesting insights, check it out! It's probably not that obvious there are more graphs down there, so thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll try to improve UX on this page.
@mike_mntr does it give a detailed demographic data ? so which kind of audience are more active , & does it gives a suggestion to improve the performance ? eagerly waiting for the response from you ?
@sourav_saxena Hi! Thanks for your question. Yes, you can get detailed analytics on your followers location, gender, languages and see the follower/following ratio so you can evaluate the quality of your audience. There's no suggestions at the moment but we have this feature on our list!
@mike_mntr Will check it out, thx for the heads up!
That's exciting! Congrats on the launch ;) I've been using for Instagram analytics for a while now, love it.
@danil_gontovnik Thank you Danil for your kind words!
Congrats on the launch, your Insta analytics is always quite insightful, can't wait to try the Twitter one out :)
@maximabramchuk Thank you Maxim! 🥰
Looks great! A much-awaited addition to your superb instagram analytics 🔥