Twitch Studio

Twitch has released it's own broadcasting software

A streaming app designed for new streamers. Twitch Studio has features that guide you through your stream setup, plus tools that make it easy to engage with your community while you stream.
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Always expected this to happen at some point, glad twitch is doing this, live-streaming can be intimidating to get into because of all the software choices and settings
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This was inevitable and helps Twitch build stronger lock-in with its content creators (the life blood of the platform). Are you involved in this at all, @shaanvp!?
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Windows only.....uggg
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Took them long enough! Looking forward to trying it out. Edit: Nevermind, it's only for Windows (for now?).
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I expected this to happen at some point, and I'm highly convinced the Bebo team had something to do with it xD. @thetylerhayes amirite??
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