Twisty Tongue

Twist your tongue with totally tricky tongue twisters.

How many tongue twisters can your twisty tongue untwist? See tongue twisters like “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” come to life as colorful, original illustrations. The more phrases you master, the trickier they get.
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Love this concept, especially since it seems like a great way to gamify language practice. @juancarlosperez, who do you see using this product?
@veronica That’s a great question! We actually see this as being a fun experience for everyone! It’s great with friends who want to challenge each other, families who want a fun and wholesome game to play with kids, and for TOEFL, TOEIC, and other ESL students to quiz themselves on English pronunciation.
Hi everyone! I’m sure you’ve all gotten your tongue in a twist with tongue twisters like “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?” and “I wish the wish you wish to wish.” No matter what languages you speak, tongue twisters are amusing—and pedagogic—for all. We set out to create an entertaining and educational game experience that combines the delight of tongue twisters with the latest in on-device speech technologies. Today we’re excited to launch our latest product: Twisty Tongue, a game that puts your pronunciation skills to the test using fun and challenging tongue twisters. We designed the game to be fun and engaging for everyone: - Earn 5 stars to unlock and collect each tongue twister card - The artwork for each card has been uniquely designed - The more phrases you master, the trickier they get - Actionable per-phoneme feedback helps you practice speaking each phrase so you can reach that perfect score - A fun way for TOEFL, TOEIC, and other ESL students to quiz themselves on English pronunciation. - Share your high scores and hilarious bloopers with friends - All speech and pronunciation analysis is done on-device, not in the cloud We’re offering a free 7-day trial, and afterward, the subscription is $1.99 USD every 6 months. New card packs will be released regularly to subscribers. Let us know what you think! Best, Juan Carlos
For those interested in the machinery under the hood: It's an acoustic model that runs on a pre-trained neural network. The algorithm compares the observed waveform with the expected phoneme. The model doesn't require significant computing resources and runs locally on your smartphones, thus avoiding latency and privacy issues. It provides phoneme-, word-, and sentence-level scores necessary to give students detailed and actionable feedback on their pronunciation.
Love the idea and the UX here. It is fun and really useful at the same time. Great work to all the team!
I've taught ESL in Japan, Samoa, and Siberia for several years. This is a fun way to get my students practicing and playing without being overly self-conscience. I can see my students in primary school as well as adult learners enjoying this tool. Great concept for language learners!