Tinder for unfollowing people on Twitter

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Hey! I'm one of the developers who worked on this project (the other being @JaredTMoskowitz). We made this at a Hackathon quite a while ago and decided to ship it. Our next steps are trying to use the unfollowing information to eventually recommend twitter accounts we think you'll like. We're also currently building a Facebook version for unfollowing old fb friends. To address the iOS 8 question, we built most of the code base in the first 24 hours, so it was hard to know what exactly we would end up with. Thanks for addressing this, we unfortunately forgot to reevaluate that decision! Happy unfollowing!
Since @cwrichardkim is super modest, I'll just go ahead and post the link to one of his Github repos for making a card-based iOS app. Helped me get off the ground- I appreciate it and I love the application of the cards in this app
@max_friedman8 Thanks! Glad I could help out
@JaredTMoskowitz @cwrichardkim thumbs up o the facebook version! Looking forward to it
@JaredTMoskowitz @cwrichardkim Instagram version after the FB one please! (Android too heh)
This is kind of brilliant.
This is exactly what I need. When is the android port coming out?
@bluethen we never even considered android hmm. It shouldn't be too hard though, that'd be a great way to learn the developer environment. I'll see if the other dev is interested in working on this with me
@cwrichardkim @bluethen How could you even not think about Android? Lil bit stupid??
That might be useful tool for traditional twitter account reach building strategy (follow a lot, unfollow later, repeat). Was that the genesis of this product? Awww crap. iOS 8 is required and I'm still on 7.x
@grzaks Honestly, it started mostly as a joke to make fun of the whole "my twitter ratio is higher than your twitter ratio" culture. Of course, the roots of that phenomenon come from what you're talking about
This looks very cool, but curious why it's iOS 8 only. Which iOS 8 specific functionality do you need for the app to work?
@forestmars Just addressed this in my post, it was basically poor planning on our part