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Richard kim@cwrichardkim · dev | Google,, Drift, twindr
Hey! I'm one of the developers who worked on this project (the other being @JaredTMoskowitz). We made this at a Hackathon quite a while ago and decided to ship it. Our next steps are trying to use the unfollowing information to eventually recommend twitter accounts we think you'll like. We're also currently building a Facebook version for unfollowing old f… See more
Max Friedman@max_friedman8 · Co-Founder @WeGiveTwo
Since @cwrichardkim is super modest, I'll just go ahead and post the link to one of his Github repos for making a card-based iOS app. Helped me get off the ground- I appreciate it and I love the application of the cards in this app
Richard kim@cwrichardkim · dev | Google,, Drift, twindr
@max_friedman8 Thanks! Glad I could help out
Juan Camilo Ruiz@juanca · Product at Moovweb
@JaredTMoskowitz @cwrichardkim thumbs up o the facebook version! Looking forward to it
Barron Roth@iambarronroth · Product at Blade
@JaredTMoskowitz @cwrichardkim Instagram version after the FB one please! (Android too heh)