Share your clips with on-screen video commentary

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I'm always looking for cool video apps that bring something new to the table for all of us iPhone videographers. This app provides PIP with audio without editing. The app is based on a social media function, which isn't my fave. I always keep my videos private on these type of apps. Hope the creators focus the most on the features like the ability to move the PIP location.
@imstilljosh Thanks for your support. Roadmap for now is: re-twice, Search people, import YouTube vids, Activity feed...
@imstilljosh Thank you for your support Josh.
@carlosdiaz very cool! I appreciate the social for sure, but I tend to use these type of apps for their purpose of cool features and then export to create a bother video combining other features from other apps... If that makes any sense?!? :)
@guillaume_ absolutely and I love the feedback feature you use. It made sending in feedback simple and direct. :)
Cool App, very funny and entertaining here is one of my twice:
@etienne_l Thank you Etienne :)
Well this is a real Product Hunt lol... We were not expecting to be featured so early. In the meantime based on the traction we had this week end, I knew it will happen :-) Still working on it guys and about to add the possibility to Re-Twice meaning engage video conversations and add video commentaries to others stories. It's gonna be fun!
Awesome app! Good job Carlos and team!
@p45c41 Thank you Pascal
The thing that strikes me the most so far is how the sign language-speaking community is coming together so fast. Deaf people are very creative and their conversations made me want to dig ASL (American Sign Language). We have created a specific channel to facilitate the discovery and their communication. The Re-Twice feature coming up will definitely make the app super useful for them.