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Notes: Dave Morin is Founder & Partner at Slow Ventures, the leading valley venture fund with investments in the likes of Slack, Pinterest, Evernote, NextDoor, Postmates just to name a few. Prior to Slow, Dave was the Co-Founder and CEO of Path, the social network that serves tens of millions of people every day. Path was acquired by Kakao in 2015. If that was not enough, he also spent several years at Facebook where he led Facebook Platform and Connect during periods of rapid innovation and growth. Today, he serves on the Board of Directors of Eventbrite, Dwell, and Hinge. 1.) How Dave made the transition from Facebook and Path to founding Slow Ventures? 2.) As a new entrant to VC, how does Dave look to develop pattern recognition with founders and ideas? What is the most challenging element? 3.) Why did Dave, Sam and Kevin decide to institutionalise Slow for the ‘club’ to the structured fund that it is today? How did that change their investment decision making process? 4.) What role does network play in the value and operations of Slow? How do they look to increase the network effect to further provide value to their companies? 5.) What role does valuation and ownership play for Dave when investing? How does that change with the larger cheques?
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