Tweet an Unlimited Tweet beyond the 140 Character limit

#3 Product of the DayMarch 18, 2017
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Hootsuite, buffer, Agorapulse, tweetdeck, how is this different from these services?
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@andreasduess Hey Andreas, Our main shtick is we enable a user to post an unlimited tweet with very user friendly mobility, to transition back and forth from twitter (and the others) to become a seamless extension of twitter and the other SMs. Here is a sample post to check out > after you click and go to the vistor post, click on the 3 button drop down at upper right to take you back to original post on twitter... really fun!
@andreasduess, aaaah, my favourite question about @amplifr :D
This concept of managing multiple social media accounts solves a real pain point for me. @TweetyPad post text and media to multiple social media platforms and lets me easily toggle between accounts. Being able to manage posts from within ONE app and jump to the actual social media platform from the post link ads simplicity that other platforms haven't executed. (I.e. Hootsuite)
Seems like Buffer...
@oleg_davydkin Hey Oleg, Buffer is a great app but they dont do what we do. We allow a user to post an unlimited tweet working as a highly mobile companion to twitter AND we are an "aggregator" meaning we let you post to other social media platforms at the same time, facebook, linkedin and tumblr for now (more to come) which makes tweetypad a really convenient app to use!
@dkleintp @oleg_davydkin content for every social network should be unique to have some impact on your followers. If you will share the same content to all social media channels your followers get bored very soon. Anyway good app will give it a try.
@dkleintp @oleg_davydkin I'm sure you're aware Buffer can schedule Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and even Instagram as well. So, you really need another reason to build an app in this niche in 2017. Although _nothing_ wrong even if the app is not very different from existing alternatives in terms of features — as long as you have enough users / clients to sustain it.
@kamilbrejcha not entirely true, but absolutely a good point. You should _tune_ your content for each medium, but you can use the same set of topics, same posts, etc. The details are important. For example, if sharing an image, make sure you crop it differently for each network, etc. Anyway, if you'll be trying this out, let me know if you'll have time to try out as well and maybe compare those.
Seems to be worth to try. At least this one is completely free.
@csaba_kissi yes, totally worth a shot!
Please redesign your icon app, screenshot and splash screen. 🤗
@menjxo Menj, thanks for your advice.. i actually have been meaning to do just. our bird is a little hokey, we are changing our icon to an alfa-numeric similar to facebook, tumblr et al. check it out at this link: and
@dkleintp awesome! Glad that my suggestion helped your app. :)