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hell yeah! and free upgrade!
Still holding out for an iPad update....
I use Tweetbot OSX and iOS every single day. For too many hours to count. This is a nice update-- but seemingly almost a purely cosmetic update. I know independent publishers cannot be expected to react to Twitter's fast development and feature releases immediately, but this version doesn't even launch with the new native quote RT feature. Nor even in-line .GIF support! I have got my money's worth already-- and this is a free upgrade-- but doesn't seem worth the '2.0' tag whatsoever. EDIT: Also-- I understand that there is usually a preference for positive sentiment here, and I respect that. I just feel like this update does little to improve the core product.
@nathenmcvittie Given a choice between waiting a couple more months for the addition of the new retweet with comment and uploading video to Twitter, I'll take this update now and then hopefully 2.1 in the next little bit. At some point you have to call it and release, especially in the Mac App Store world where this app could very well have been in review for a few weeks already.
@jameskoole True, but I've been waiting months for some basic functionality and fixes. I mean, .PNG images still time out on upload over a year later. I've been considering a switch for the last three or four months... this update doesn't do anything I hoped it would.
Been using Tweetdeck for free for a while now. It has its shortcoming, even with the BetterTweetDeck plugin for Chrome. I wasn't really considering an upgrade but what the hell, let's have a look. Still, I'm a bit surprised that I have to pay for a OSX and iOS version. Wouldn't it be a good idea to make a package? I'm just going to install the OSX version for this reason. FWIW, $13 is the most I ever paid on the mac app store, so good job on that one :) Edit: Well, that was fast. No scheduling feature. I'm out!
@thibautdavoult You can do your scheduling in Buffer.
Going to reinstall this again. The original was a favorite of mine for a long time. Looks like the Mac App Store doesn't have the upgrade, though the iTunes link shows the new version.