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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 10, 2015
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The signup flow is a little alarming. They explicitly ask for twitter username and password instead of using the twitter oauth API. I was ready to sign up and pay, but this deterred me. Happy to pay for a test if they implement the oauth signin. Even if TweetRocket is legit, this is pretty poor account management practice.
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@kane Perhaps this is how they avoid some of Twitter's spam-detection algorithms?
@philipithomas possibly? by, like, using clicking macros in the web app instead of API access? Still, I wouldn't be comfortable without understanding why they're asking for credentials instead of oauth
@kane All this has been fixed and improved in the latest version, we'd love your feedback.
I was tempted, but looking at the @Once_a_Red twitter account (Tweetrocket's case study account on twitter), the tweets get little to no engagement and the account keeps too high a follow/unfollow ratio (2000/1400).
Interesting concept. I'd like to know a bit more about how Tweet Rocket creates Tweets - are they all created by an algorithm?
@ashread_ might be the case based on what I read. I think Twitter is becoming less relevant though.
I used it for a period of 3 months. There was a significant difference in Twitter Impressions before and after. ~10k to ~30k very consistently. Compared to now, I only get 3k at most. They have a new updated version coming out here in June I believe. I should add that my follower growth now, is higher, but the impressions are really lacking.
Tweet Rocket has been fully rebuilt from the ground up. We spent a long time taking all of your comments and suggestions into account and have dedicated the last year to building a truly all-in-one twitter management solution now known as Swift Social. With plans to support all major social networks in 2016. Thank you everyone who supported us, please feel free to come check out the brand new Swift Social.