Tweet-a-Cake let's you send anyone on Twitter (U.S. accounts only) a giant cupcake with just their Twitter handle. You pick the flavor and you can even add a note that we'll handwrite and include in the box. We send out a tweet with a unique link for them and you'll only be charged if they accept the gift. Cake will arrive at their door in 2-3 days

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Hello Hunters! NotPie is an online-only bakery sending personal-sized birthday cakes and a monthly subscription of exotic flavors across the country since 2014. It turns out that pretty much 100% of people are crazy happy to receive 🍰 in the mail! Our cakes are pretty special, organic and using incredible ingredients like our single origin Peruvian cocoa that goes in our chocolate cake. The cakes are topped with a house-made marshmallow and dipped in either white or dark chocolate. We also offer a vegan cake, topped with a gelatin-free marshmallow. For birthdays we add a candle, note and birthday swag, like buttons and stickers. Now, with Tweet-a-Cake, you can send cake to anyone on Twitter with just their Twitter handle. This is the same giant cupcake we send out for birthdays and is about the size of 3 regular cupcakes. To celebrate our launch on Pi Day, we are offering for one day a 🍌cream cupcake—vanilla coconut cake, topped with a fresh banana marshmallow and dipped in white chocolate. How it Works 1. Visit, authenticate with Twitter and fill in the short form (we can only ship to US based accounts) 2. We send out a tweet letting them know you sent cake with a custom link. 3. Once verified with Twitter, the person receiving provides an address that is not accessible to the sender or stored with any information from Twitter. You are only charged once accepted. 4. The cake is baked, packed and shipped to arrive in 2-3 days. I'm happy to answer any questions!
I can highly recommend this service. I’ve sent cupcakes to customers and influencers and it was a seemless experience that was fun and delicious for the recipient. If you’re a startup looking for something new to get people’s attention then this just might take the cake 🎂
@hexsprite Thanks for the recommendation and the great pun!