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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
@nikkielizdemere · Moderator at Product Hunt
Hi! Super interested in this - how does it differ from Followerwonk? Thanks! 💙
@narenism · Cofounder - SocialAnimal & TweepleSearch
Hi guys! Co-founder of Tweeple Search here. With Tweeple Search, you can: -Find target audience or influencers in any domain sorted by follower count -Analyze your competitor’s Twitter followers to understand their marketing patterns -Compare different Twitter accounts to see what they have in common and how they differ -Find powerful Twitter influencers … See more
Daigo Smith
@daigo_smith · Co-founder, @Loveflutter
Great analytics for PR pros. Love the comparison tool, Trump vs Obama almost as intriguing as Perry vs Swift 😂
Josh Odigie
@josh_odigie · CEO and Co-Founder @ Launchorb
One word. Brilliant! I've been waiting for a product like this to hit the market, definitive and category specific searching on a somewhat crowded social media platform like Twitter was really needed. Great work Naren.
Jurica Saponja @jurica87
@jurica87 · CEO @pricespot.de
*reads comments* ... GET IT