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Watch and track TV shows online

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Perhaps this is a naive question, but how is this legal? Shows like Game of Thrones (and plenty others) are not available without an HBO subscription, as far as I knew.
This is such a great product. I've been watching HBO's silicon valley show on this platform. The experience was taylor-made. Full HD. No buffering or broken links. Cool bonus and interactions by the community. Those guys really did a great job!
@aaaaaadrien Wow, definitely want to give this a try. I've always found these type of products to be a let down.
@Taykcrane Based on the fact that the premium membership includes a subcription to (torrent/seedbox), I would assume it's a web implementation of PopcornTime or something similar.
Gosh, this came a long way since I kicked the tires. Exactly what I've wanted for TV - also I already use so it's perfect.
This is actually called TV Time now