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Oops, this product is not working anymore. https://hackr.io is a great alternative to this.
@hooda I've noticed hackr.io is not updated for some weeks, or even month... have you noticed?
@julia_rybalkina Am sorry, I didn't get you. Hackr.io is pretty much alive and kicking. Can you please elaborate on what do you mean by "not updated"?
@hooda Hi, Saurabh! My assumptions were based on the fact that, I follow C# programming tutorials category there and was submitting a great one to be added... I didn't get any reply for several months, besides I can see there are no new ones there... so, I thought it is not alive anymore... Sorry... if I'm wrong...
@julia_rybalkina Tutorials are vetted by community moderators so that takes sometimes. FYI: A tutorial is approved if > 66% moderators approve the tutorial.
@hooda ok, sure, Saurabh, I understand, any time takes time... in my case, it took 3 months))) or tutorial is not suitable for your website. Besides, It would be great at least get some notification, like Pending, On Approval, Rejected... so the person who adds tutorial follow the process.
I'm old enough to know that there are things that I know that I don't know. This product is perfect for people like me who want to keep learning or sharpening our skill set.
This site is a great tool for adding to your list of hard skills. I registered via Twitter, but my profile picture is very low-res. Did I do something wrong? Also, is there a way to add new kinds of tutorials? For example, Microsoft Excel?
@davidvkimball Thanks for the comment. I'm seeing some low resolution profile pictures, will look into it the issue. Exploring the possibilty to easily extend the categories too.
@swarnakishoree having categories may be limiting though. Just let the users add hashtags to organize tutorials. Just a suggestion.
@sridhar_kondoji Makes sense, let me look at the possibility.
View and share the best and free tutorials at one place. Not too many hunts. Guess they just launched.
This will be very useful for many people. I hope they provide a simple search on top of categorization.
@sridhar_kondoji Thanks sri. The search is comming soon.