Turtle Mail

WiFi-connected printer for parents to send messages to kids

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2016
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Is it like Little Printer?
@jenlooper it has a lot of similarities but ultimately has a lot of features specifically designed for families :)
Seems cute. I can picture my kids sitting in front of a box like this for hours just hoping something comes through :)
looks awesome! of course, I have a zillion questions from cost to replacement paper to security and permissions for access - any idea when the site will be updated? my nephew would flip over this! oddly, I think it would be hysterical to get one for my college son too - just because.
@passingnotes we will be updating our site ASAP! We *will* be selling paper refills on our site that are BPA/BPS free. Still working out packages and pricing. Pre-orders place on our site now will ensure delivery by Winter/Christmas 2016 :)
@askdaylen true! We just recommend you go with BPA/BPS free paper. We will be selling that on our site soon!
@askdaylen They have two separate, distinctive functions so I disagree with you on the "very similar" part - though I do see where you're coming from.
Lol something I definitely wouldn't want my mom to know about. I'll probably be getting a message every 5 minutes